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Healthy Eating
Stress Reduction | Mindfulness
Better Sleep
Calorie Count
Children Cooking


Stress Reduction and Mindfulness

The Mindfulness App-  Meditation and mindfulness. 

Sleep Improvement

Quiet your mind & get to sleep- A self-help workbook with solutions to insomnia for those with depression, anxiety or chronic pain based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Physical Activity

MOVE YOUR WAY- No time for exercise? It's okay. Not all of us have time for planned physical activity. This website will provide you with tips on how to incorporate physical activity into your busy schedule.

FitOn- A Free Fitness App.

Resistance Bands- A Helpful Website With Resistance Exercises Examples Using Resistance Bands.

Calorie Counting Apps

Lose It!- Calorie counter and tracker for diet and exercise.

My Fitness Pal- Calorie counter and tracker for diet and exercise.

For Patients with Diabetes

Glycemic Index Meal Planner- Helps you choose low glycemic index foods and calculate your daily carbs. Also offers delicious recipes.

For Patients with High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

For Patients with High Blood Pressure

For Kids

Solid Starts- Introducing Real Foods To Babies.

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