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  • Do you take insurance?
    No, we are an "out of network" provider. You may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company if they offer coverage for out-of-network consultations. To help you successfully file your claims, we have partnered with "" which will be available to our patients for use.
  • Do I still need health insurance?
    Yes, you will still need insurance to cover hospitalizations, emergencies, and other medical services which may not be offered by our clinic.
  • I don't have insurance. Can I still use your services?
    Absolutely! We accept patients even if they don't have health insurance.
  • Is Direct Care the same as Concierge Medicine?
    No, concierge practices generally charge a membership fee of several hundred dollars a month and they also bill the insurance company. Our clinic offers services similar to a concierge practice but with more affordable prices and without billing insurance.
  • Can I use my insurance for laboratory tests, imaging or medications?
    Yes, you can submit these claims to your insurance company. Most health insurance plans cover labs, imaging and medications. Please check with your insurance company for coverage details.
  • What type of appointments do you offer?
    We offer both "in person" and "telemedicine" services. We are using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. Telemedicine allows you to get quality medical services, when feasible, without having to travel to your appointment.
  • Why did my doctor choose a Direct Care model?
    Because Direct Care allows your doctor to spend more time with you and to focus on your health care instead of entering billing data for the insurance company. In addition, billing insurance requires additional administrative support to handle claims which increases considerably the costs of operating a practice. We've streamlined the process to provide you with fast, convenient appointments at a comfortable, unhurried pace.
  • Do you provide dialysis services?
    At this time, we do not offer dialysis services. Due to current federal laws and regulations, we cannot participate in MEDICARE Kidney Care Choices programs. If your kidneys stop working or are near the end of their function, we can discuss all available dialysis options, and decide which one of them will be best suited for you. We will help you prepare for dialysis by obtaining early dialysis access and we will discuss whether transplant might be an alternative for you. Additionally, we will assist you in the transition of care to a local dialysis center or a transplant center.
  • Can I use my MEDICARE or MEDICAID benefits?
    At this time, we are unable to accept patients who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.
  • What happens if I am hospitalized?
    Our goal is to keep you out of the hospital! At this time, we do not provide nephrology services in the hospital setting. However, should you require hospitalization, we will communicate directly with your medical care team and advocate for you throughout your stay. We do recommend that you maintain insurance that covers hospitalization and surgery.
  • How do I pay for the visits?
    You will need to provide a payment method when signing up for our services. Your credit card will be charged at the end of each visit. We accept all major credit cards.
  • What is Direct Care?
    Direct Care is a model of health care in which the doctor does not bill the insurance company. Patients pay a flat rate per appointment provided directly by the doctor who is considered an "out-of-network" provider. By removing the insurance company or "the middleman" we can offer faster and more flexible appointment scheduling, more time with with you during the visit, easier access to the physician and a personalized treatment plan. You'll never feel rushed during your appointments. There are no extra fees added onto your bills. This model of health care is a win-win for everyone involved.
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